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Apart from being a proficient artiste, she has significant academic credentials. Subsequent to c ompletion of her Master's degree in Music and Sanskrit as well as Alankar degree in Veena from Gandharva Maha Vidya Mandal, she got a Doctorate for her unique work on "Ragatala Cintamani" of Poluri Govinda Kavi under able guidance of Dr.N.Ramanathan (retd. Prof. of Music, University of Madras) and brought out her thesis in to a book form and sent copies of the same to most of the Universities in India for reference & research purpose.

She has acquired proficient knowledge of Talaprastara and other important musical aspects from Sri Akella Mallikarjuna Sarma (Retd. Principal, Govt. Music College, Hyderabad

She has been attending Andhra University, Visakhapatnam as External Examiner for M.A. Practical & Therory exams for the last 12 years. Her articles on music have been published in leading music magazines like, Gana Kala & Rasamayi.

She has been nominated as an Adjudicator for the thesis forwarded by Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Telangana.

Furthermore, California University has requested her to be the guide for the research work of Ms. Gita Somayajulu who has been directed to her college through Fulbright organization to work under her supervision to complete the Thesis work.


Career Highlights

Selective list of Performances given in India.

  • Visakha Music Academy (VSKP)
  • Visakha Music & Dance Academy (VSKP)
  • Sangita Kala Samithi
  • Vijaya Tyagaraja Sabha
  • Sangita Janakulam
  • Parvathipuram
  • Munganda
  • Andhra Pradesh Cultural Department, Warangal
  • Andhra Pradesh Cultural Department, Hyderabad
  • Sri Rama Gana Sabha, Hyderabad
  • Jagadguru Sangita Sabha, Tenali
  • Sadguru Sangita Sabha, Hyderabad
  • Sangita Kalasagara, Hyderabad
  • Bharati Gana Sabha, Amalapuram
  • Asramam, Bheemili
  • Tyagaraja Samskritika Sangham, Guntur
  • Kalavardhini-2 concerts, Chennai
  • Karthik Fine Arts, Chennai
  • Perambur Sangita Sabha, Chennai
  • Saraswati Gana Sabha, Kakinada

List of Performances given in U.S.A.

  • Detroit, Great Lakes Aradhana Committee
  • New Jersey, TFAS, Bridge Water Temple, Pamona Temple
  • Pittsburgh, Venkateswara Temple
  • Philadelphia
  • New York, Sai Temple
  • Delaware, Mahalakshmi Temple
  • Connecticut
  • Lansing, Hindu Temple
  • Cantina, Hindu Temple
  • Washington DC, Lotus Temple
  • Richmond, Hindu Temple
  • Swaralahari, California
  • Los Angeles
  • Detroit Lansing - Jugalbandi programme
  • TV Programmes - New York & California


' Kalavani ' Abhinandana for achieving 'A' grade in AIR at young age.


LSRK Award in 2004 for outstanding performance.


Visakha Cultural & Fine Arts Academy, Ugadi Puraskaram.


Dr. Alahari Singari Memorial Gold Medal for my attainment in Carnatic Music, Vijaya Tyagaraja Sabha.


  • After serving as Jr.Lecturer in Music for more than 23 years, she has been promoted as Principal of B.V.K. Junior College(Govt. Aided College), Visakhapatnam and succeeded joining more students in music group and evolving many of them as talented students to fetch in their higher studies of Music.
  • Being in the cadre of Principal, she has been promptly organizing monthly music concerts with all upcoming music students and artistes in up keeping the traditional values of music in college premises. In addition to above, she has also been organizing Tyagaraja Aradhanotsavam every year for the last 18 years and conducting State level competitions for all age groups on both Vocal & Instrumental music [Alankarams (trisara gati) to Ragam Tanam Pallavi] wherein about 200 students are being participated from Andhra and Telangana States every year.
  • Veena Nadarchana every year for a duration of 12 hrs. with all Veena Artistes, Dikshitar Kriti Nirajanam for a duration of 12 hrs. & Vaggeyakara Vaibhavam comprising Kritis of various Vaggeyakaras like Muthayya Bhagavatar, Mysore Vasudevachari, Ramnath Srinivasa Iyengar, Patnam Subramanya Iyer, Swathi Thirunal etc. are being organized.
  • Apart from above, many lecture demonstrations, work shops on music by various Scholars, Musicians & Musicologists are also being conducted. Organizing music programmes by taking students to various colleges & schools for music awareness among all other students.
  • Music concert on Sugunabhiramam(Describing the great gunas of Lord Rama reciting by Tyagaraja kritis vis-à-vis Valmiki verses performed with college students in Naada Neerajanam, Tirumala & and many other places.
  • She has participated with college students in " Annamayya Pataku Pattabhishekatam " conducted by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams held in Visakhapatnam and got great compliment for her performance on Veena therein.

Personal Details

  • She belongs to a family of abiding interest in Music.
  • Her mother is Smt. D.V.Subba Lakshmi(B.A.-Music & B.Sc).
  • Her father, Late Dr. D.Siva Prasad was a Retired Sanskrit Professor in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
  • Her husband is Sri.N. Ravi Kumar, worked in East Coast Railway.

Contributions in Music

She has done albums like Veena Rasadhuni & Thillanas on Carnatic Veena and recorded an album for Kalavardhini, Chennai to name a few.

She has been conducting music workshops on Sri Muttuswami Dikshitar's Selective & rare compositions and for which many participants from all over the world are being trained with great response.

She has written very good articles on music giving ample information for the music aspirants. Her exemplary service in the field of music is providing a very good platform for many upcomimg artists.

Other than music, being a Principal to all other departments, She has been striving hard to maintain, inculcate and transcend the abilities & awareness among students, Science Day, Mathematics Day, Telugu Basha Dinotsavam, Hindi Diwas, Prominent Patriots Days, Gita Jayanthi, Tulasidas Jayanthi, Guru Purnima, Valmiki Jayanthi, Vasantha Panchami etc. are being organized in her college in the larger interest of Indian Culture and Heritage.

Eventually, she determined to dedicate herself in pioneering music to the pinnacle heights throughout her life.

  Artiste's Profile

Dr. Nishtala Krishnaveni

Principal of B.V.K. Junior College M.A, Ph.D, A-grade Veena Artiste

Phone: +91-9849883416

Email: Veena.veninishala@gmail.com

Dr.N.Krishna Veni , has been a leading Carnatic Veena Artiste, Senior A-grade Artiste (For more than 25 years in All India Radio), Principal of B.V.K. Jr.College, Visakhapatnam, Ph.D. in Music, Efficient Educator, rendering service and making all optimal efforts in promoting and performing legacy of classical music. She began learning Veena since her age of 6 from renowned Veena Artiste, Smt.Malla pragada Jogulamba ( Retd. AIR staff) and honed her skills which helped evolving herself an accomplished Veena Artiste.

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